Feb. 13, 2019

Director of the Public Policy and Social Sciences Research Institute, Artem Golubov, in collaboration with The MART Public Organization and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Warsaw), in partnership with the Education House of Human Rights – Chernihiv and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, participated in the presentation of recommendations for improving legislation and practices in Ukraine in the field of justice and re-socialization of children in conflict with the law. The presentation took place on two platforms: at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and at the PRAVOKATOR Legal Club in Kyiv. This initiative was carried out as part of the project “Development of the justice system and re-socialization of children in conflict with the law in Ukraine” with financial support from the RITA program and the Human Rights House Foundation (Oslo).

At the premises of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, human rights activists, representatives of civil society organizations, probation officers, mediators, and psychologists gathered to discuss the implementation of international standards on restorative justice for minors. They also examined proposals for making systemic changes in legislation and judicial practices concerning this issue.

Simultaneously, at the PRAVOKATOR Legal Club in Kyiv, consultations were conducted regarding expert input from civil society representatives, scholars, and other professionals with relevant practical experience in child rights protection, justice, and the re-socialization of children in conflict with the law.

Several proposals were put forward, including:

  1. Establishing a comprehensive juvenile justice system.
  2. Shaping the judiciary based on a child-friendly justice concept.
  3. Implementing the principle of ensuring the best interests of the child.
  4. Updating the system of disciplinary measures with an educative approach.
  5. Enhancing child rights protection in criminal proceedings.
  6. Modernizing methodological support, expanding the preventive activities system and its structure.
  7. Broadening the range of forms and grounds for diverting a child from the official justice system.

Following the discussions, an updated document containing recommendations based on the consultation results will be submitted to the Interagency Coordination Council on Justice Matters.