The mission of the institute is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary scientific research and to unite the efforts of the scientific community to promote the development and advancement of scientific achievements in Ukraine globally. The institute’s work is guided by principles such as innovation, scientific ethics, mutual respect, collectivity, self-organization, mutual support, democratic management style, and openness. The basic components of the institute are humanity, knowledge, science, education, and progress.

The institute conducts fundamental and applied scientific research in the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, political science, state and law. It also coordinates the activities of domestic and foreign scientists in studying the problems related to the social, economic, political, and legal development of Ukraine. In addition, the institute performs scientific research under contracts (orders, grants, etc.) to obtain scientific and technical products.

The institute offers various services to individuals and legal entities related to psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and law. These services include providing informational and educational (including training) services, consulting services, and reviewing and editing scientific publications. The institute also organizes and conducts scientific and communication events and establishes printed publications (including periodicals) related to scientific, educational, and enlightenment in the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, political science, state and law.

Overall, the Public Policy and Social Sciences Research Institute aims to promote the development of scientific knowledge in Ukraine and globally by conducting research, offering various services, and establishing collaborations with other scientists and organizations.