How do I authorise Crossref to auto-update my ORCID record?

Crossref has two separate systems which interact with ORCID:

  • The ORCID Search & Link wizard
    1. Sign in to your ORCID account.
    2. Scroll down to “Works” section. Click “Add”, followed by “Search & link”.

    3. At the pop-up box, select “Crossref Metadata Search”.
    4. Select “Authorize access” to Crossref Metadata Search.
    5. At Crossref website, search the Crossref metadata for your works.
    6. Add your works to ORCID.
    7. To revoke access, navigate to “Trusted parties” at top right of your ORCID record.
  • An auto-update system activated by invitation from your ORCID inboxThe Crossref auto-update process is granted from a message within your ORCID Inbox (Crossref is currently the only system which uses the ORCID Inbox to send auto-update requests). The request is sent to your ORCID Inbox after a publisher submits a new work to Crossref, with your ORCID iD embedded in the metadata. If you choose to grant long-lasting permissions, Crossref will then update your record automatically whenever a new work associated with your ORCID iD is found in their system – from any publisher. If you do not want to grant permission to update your record with the new work, archive the notification from Crossref.