About us

The Institute was established as a non-profit organization in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity. Its mission is to serve as a platform for interdisciplinary scientific research and to unite the domestic scientific community to promote the advancement of scientific achievements globally.

The Institute’s vision is expressed in its motto “Sapere aude / Dare to know,” which encourages scientists to be free in their thoughts and actions in their activities and to direct their sharp minds to solving the problems of existence without limiting scientific research to ready-made solutions.

The Institute’s main principles of work include innovativeness, a creative approach, adherence to scientific ethics, mutual respect, collectivity and interaction, self-organization, mutual support, democratic management style, and openness.

The Institute’s basic components include humanity, knowledge, science, education, and progress of humanity.

Overall, the Institute aims to foster a community of scientists who are free to explore and discover new solutions to global problems and advance the knowledge and progress of humanity.