Jun. 21, 2019

1st All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Theoretical issues of jurisprudence and problems of law enforcement: challenges of the 21st century”.

The scientific and practical conference is registered at the State Scientific Institution of UkrINTEI – certificate of registration of the scientific and technical event № 207 17.04.2019.

Legal scholars, practicing lawyers, representatives of state authorities and local self-government bodies, post-graduate students (adjuncts), masters are invited to participate in the conference.

Sections of the conference:
Section 1.
Current issues of the state-legal development of Ukraine and international law (for scientific reports on specialties 12.00.01, 12.00.02, 12.00.11, 12.00.12, 19.00.06)
Section 2. Problems of theory and practice of private law in Ukraine (for scientific reports on specialties 12.00.03, 12.00.04, 12.00.05, 12.00.06)
Section 3. Administrative and legal aspects of the organization and exercise of public power (for scientific reports on specialties 12.00.07, 21.07.01, 21.07.03, 21.07.05)
Section 4. Theoretical and practical aspects of the functioning of the criminal justice system in Ukraine (for scientific reports on specialties 12.00.08, 12.00.09, 12.00.10)

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